Russian language for foreigners


Translation and linguistic centre HIJAZZ  is always ready to help and support those who wish to learn such a difficult but necessary Russian language. We accept applications from everybody who wants to attend Russian language courses for foreigners who live in Kazan. We can offer several variants of studying, since every foreigner has a specific purpose in studying Russian language.

Firstly, Russian language can be useful for everyday communication. The foreigner is restricted in communication due to ignorance of the language. Casual course will help eliminate this unpleasant moment, as well as acquaint with the cultural characteristics of the language. During attending the course foreigners can develop the skills of spoken Russian.
Who the program of daily Russian language can be useful for?

For those who came to Russia for the first time and do not speak the Russian language at all.

For those who need to stay in Russia for a work-related period and they need to learn to speak Russian in a short period of time.

For those who want to live in Russia permanently (due to work requirements or personal reasons).

Foreigners who intend to study in Russia and successful learning is impossible without the knowledge of the language used in the educational process.

And for those who are simply interested in Russian language and who want to learn more about Russian culture.

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After attending Russian language courses for foreigners you can achieve the following results:

  •  Acquisition of literate speech.
  •  Mastery of style and other features of the language.
  • A wide vocabulary.
  • The perception and understanding of the Russian language aurally.

Foreigners will know the grammar of Russian: times, gender, plurals, nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc., syntax and much more.

Topics of studying Russian language can be various but very important. These topics include: introduction, fundamentals of communication, family, people, character traits, health, education, work, city, country, shopping, public services, orienteering, transport, money, nature, recreation, entertainment, sports, weather, seasons, time, food, feelings and emotions.

Russian language for business communication can be useful for those who come to Russia to work. The purpose of this course is to learn the basics of everyday communication in workplace, negotiations, business meetings, communication in business trips. A lot of time is paid to grammar. The results of this course are as follows:

  • Obtain confident communication skills in business situations.
  • Style and other features acquisition of Russian language.
  • Widening of vocabulary needed for the course topics.
  • The perception and understanding of the Russian language aurally during business negotiations, meetings, business communication in informal situations.

Topics to be studied: company, responsibilities, structure, management, marketing, market, finance, stock market, accounting, auditing, economics, corporate law, trade, money, communications, banks, taxes, advertising. Role-playing games, situational games, individual exercises, discussions and presentations will be offered for more rapid and efficient assimilation of the material.

Russian language for lawyers will be useful for foreigners who came to work in legal field. The purpose of this course is to teach communication profile, to learn to express their thoughts properly and competently, which is very important in the legal sphere. Subject is also narrow-profiled, specialized.

Translation and linguistic centre HIJAZZ can launch a program focusing on your professional occupation. Contact our teachers and you will simplify your stay in Russia, as well as you will be able to communicate in the local language, besides, you’ll make a lot of new friends and acquaintances.

We are waiting for you at the Translation and Linguistic centre HIJAZZ!

Сафарметова Гульнар Раисовна
Сафарметова Гульнар Раисовна
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