Oral translation

Official negotiations with foreign business partners, international conferences, festivals, exhibitions or informal meetings with guests from other countries… Psychologists state that the communicator is 90% responsible for misunderstood information. That’s why you can rely on us when you organize different events: HIJAZZ grants mutual understanding of both sides.

Interpreters that work in our company have higher education in different subject areas: humanities, engineering, technics, medicine, banking, law, etc. So if you apply in advance we can choose exactly those interpreters who are specialists in the field of knowledge you need.

Our clients
Министерство образования и науки Республики Татарстан
Духовное управление мусульман РТ
ПАО «Татнефть»
ООО «СафПласт»
ООО «Теклас»
ООО «Мирикко»
Издательский дом «Хузур»
ООО КамЭнергоРемонт-Холдинг
ЕБРР (Европейский Банк Реконструкции и Развития)
Кувейтско-Татарстанская инвестиционная компания
Казанский международный аэропорт