Localization of websites

HIJAZZ Translatıon Centre also deals with translation of websites and this can favour the development of your business. But you should remember that a site contains not only text, but also a lot of graphic data objects. So a simple text translation is not enough to carry out the localization properly. Besides we will need to create new pages using translated texts with the original design. As you see localization of a website is a process in which programmers and interpreters collaborate together.

If your website contains information you want to share with the whole world our company is ready to help you.

Our clients
Министерство образования и науки Республики Татарстан
Духовное управление мусульман РТ
ПАО «Татнефть»
ООО «СафПласт»
ООО «Теклас»
ООО «Мирикко»
Издательский дом «Хузур»
ООО КамЭнергоРемонт-Холдинг
ЕБРР (Европейский Банк Реконструкции и Развития)
Кувейтско-Татарстанская инвестиционная компания
Казанский международный аэропорт