Let’s learn foreign languages together

If learning a foreign language is already not just a fantasy and you are ready to begin your studies soon, you are welcome. Lessons of western and eastern languages are conducted three times a week. The lesson lasts for two academic hours (one academic hour is 45 minutes). There are beginner, intermediate and advanced groups each of which deal with special books and proper teaching methods to achieve the most effective results. Groups are formed according to the level of language skills and aims set by our customers. There are no more than 6-7 students in each group. New knowledge, new meetings, joyfully and usefully spent time – this is what you can find on our courses of foreign languages.

This could happen to you…

Their eyes met when they were walking down the Champs Elise. He was hurrying to work, and She was going to her friend’s homе. He was from Algeria, had recently arrived to Paris and his French was poor. She came as a guest to her friend from Milan and was only speaking Italian. They stopped for a while and said hello, but didn’t understand each other’s language. He went to work and She was on the way to her friend. This meeting prepared by Heavens didn’t happen. But Cupid decided to give them one more chance.

Six months passed. He was speaking French quite well, She too. Once in a café She forgot her scarf and returned to collect it. He came there to have a bite before work, opened her the door and said «Bon jour!» аnd She replied him with a smile that told everything better than words.
This is the love story of an Italian girl and an Arab. They understood each other after learning French.
You can also broaden your horizons, meet new friends and open the magic of communication in different languages with the help of skilful teachers that work in HIJAZZ Translation Centre.

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