About the company

HIJAZZ Translation Centre is a dynamically developing young company. Established in 2006 we have made great strides during this short period of time, because the quality of work is very important for us. Good references of our customers speak for themselves. Today our company offers the following services:

  1. Written translations of any complexity in any field of knowledge.
  2. Notarization of documents.
  3. Oral translations (sequential and simultaneous). 4. Accompanying your guests at conferences, festivals, exhibitions, negotiations and other events.
  4. Visit of an interpreter abroad.
  5. Guiding services.
  6. Translation, editing and dubbing-in of films.
  7. Localization of websites.
    Also there are
  8. Courses of foreign languages (western and eastern languages).
  9. Courses of Russian language for foreigners.
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